Sunday, August 15, 2010

Way Overdue Update on Somer mini albums!

I want to apologize to everyone for not keeping you updated on the status of the albums. I am so sorry for not communicating to everyone much sooner what has been going on with me. I now realize my lack of response has probably come across as looking rude and/or uncaring to some of you. I assure you that I am terribly sorry and did not mean for you to think that I don't care about your efforts in helping put these albums together. I know you have all done your part and are waiting for me at this point. I have unfortunately been very sick over the past several month and have been hospitalized numerous times as well. I just read the comment of a scenario of me putting together a rak that I sent and I want to say that it is very inaccurate. The reality of me putting that rak together was first of all that it took months to get it together, part of the rak was a boy mini album kit that I made back in march. The other things I did not run around and go shopping for, they were my belongings that I decided to give up since I have been too sick to craft and they were going to waste. I was happier to think that they were being used by someone than just sitting here. When everything was ready and in the box, it sat here for several more weeks and my dad finally took it up to the post office and mailed it for me. As far as completing the albums, they are very important to me still and they WILL be finished. I have had several of my friends here on YT offer to help me and I may be taking them up on their help to complete these albums. Once again i want to say that I am so so sorry I did not keep all of you updated and that I do appreciate all of your kind and generous contributions that are helping to make these albums possible. Thank you to all of you for your understanding and patience. I will post future updates here on my blog. Hugs, Sarah


  1. Hi Sarah, I hope that you are feeling better soon and back to yourself. Hang in there, things have to get better!

  2. Hi Sarah, I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well and I'm also sorry that the good thing that you are trying to put together has turned into something negative. I'm sure that was never your (or anyone's) intent...Hopefully everyone can get past this bump in the road and let the project move on with the love and compassion that it was meant to portray...Feel better soon!!

  3. Hi Sarah, I'm so sorry for how everything is turning out right now. I know it wasn't supposed to get like this. I understand how some people are feeling, I contributed to this project, but, I also know how your feeling. I know how hard it is to do ANYTHING....someone with a depleted energy level has so many emotional issues that it makes it worse. I know haw hard it is to wake up in the morning and wonder what your gonna face because of unanswered health issues. Your in my prayers...hoping you'll get the help and treatment you need so bad. If I can help in an any way, please let me know, I sent you my phone number via email. Take care, speak with you soon, xoxo Jules:)