Sunday, August 15, 2010

Way Overdue Update on Somer mini albums!

I want to apologize to everyone for not keeping you updated on the status of the albums. I am so sorry for not communicating to everyone much sooner what has been going on with me. I now realize my lack of response has probably come across as looking rude and/or uncaring to some of you. I assure you that I am terribly sorry and did not mean for you to think that I don't care about your efforts in helping put these albums together. I know you have all done your part and are waiting for me at this point. I have unfortunately been very sick over the past several month and have been hospitalized numerous times as well. I just read the comment of a scenario of me putting together a rak that I sent and I want to say that it is very inaccurate. The reality of me putting that rak together was first of all that it took months to get it together, part of the rak was a boy mini album kit that I made back in march. The other things I did not run around and go shopping for, they were my belongings that I decided to give up since I have been too sick to craft and they were going to waste. I was happier to think that they were being used by someone than just sitting here. When everything was ready and in the box, it sat here for several more weeks and my dad finally took it up to the post office and mailed it for me. As far as completing the albums, they are very important to me still and they WILL be finished. I have had several of my friends here on YT offer to help me and I may be taking them up on their help to complete these albums. Once again i want to say that I am so so sorry I did not keep all of you updated and that I do appreciate all of your kind and generous contributions that are helping to make these albums possible. Thank you to all of you for your understanding and patience. I will post future updates here on my blog. Hugs, Sarah

Monday, April 5, 2010

More pages received for Monday!

I have received pages from the following ladies today: Trina Kison, Darlene Ortiz, Geraldine M and Raita Maria Sabina. Thank you so much! I will be putting out some videos soon and will also post some pics here on my blog. I am behind the date that I originally wanted to have everything completed by, but I will be working hard to get the books completed and to Diena as soon as I can! Big hugs to all of you who have helped to make this project possible! Keep checking my blog for updates and pictures of the final books!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Pages Received!!!

Ok girls here are some more names to add to the list of pages that I have received! Wai Wai, Samantha Wright, Tricia Dunstan, Rose Smith, Patricia Cooper, Michelle Roman, Lucina Rivera, Joy N. & Denise Wadley Thanks to all of you!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Pages received on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

I want to say how sorry I am for not keeping you updated on the pages that I have received over the past few days! I haven't been feeling well and was trying to rest so I don't get sick and end up in the hospital again, I get sick very easy now and the doctors haven't been able to figure out why. I have had every test in the world done (atleast it feels that way) I have even had a bone marrow biopsy. Anyways, enough about me! These are all the pages I have received: Irma Ramirez, Robyn Cox, Pam Tinney, G. Ortiz, Enelida Pacheco, Linda Jut, Cherie Kenter, Anita Cheek, Jean Gavin, Cindy Bonirsuto (not sure if I spelled this correctly), Patricia Cheung, Jamie Wilde, Maria Mendoza, Regina Friedman, Valerie Whitney, Karen Madden, Samantha Grey, Michelle Kuhnley, D. Hurst, Patt Sabater- Hill, T. Jones, Marie Pavitt, Katie Hunter, Lorinda Deramos, Jade Moore (congrats to Jade for making the Graphic 45 design team!!!!) and Elina Halme. Thanks girls!!! Love you all!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Song for Somer

This is a video of the new song composed by Molly Hatchett in memory of Somer. The song starts with Abigail (Somer's Sister) Singing You Are My Sunshine. The name of the song is Fly on Wings of Angels. It is a beautiful song! It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pages Received Over the Weekend

Hi ladies! I'm sorry I am late posting this! I was so tired last night I fell asleep at my desk and woke up inthe middle of the night! It was crazy!!! So anyhow here are the pages I received on saturday: Lisa Cooper, Treasa Cimorose, , Raquel Brooks, Aliscia Clement, Gale Meyer, Kenya Shiloh, Shalyn Gomes, Allyson Pearson & Claudia D'Alessandro. Thank you so so much for your contributions! You all are so super sweet and I am grateful for each and every one of you! Thank you and big hugs to you all! I will be posting today's pages in just a minute.

Somer Jam

I went to the Somer Jam yesterday. It was a fundraiser to support the inauguration of the Somer Thompson Foundation, which is being started by Somer's mom Diena. Diena wanted to start this foundation to be able to reach out to other people who find themselves in a situation similar to hers. She also says she is here to reclaim our children's safety and innocence. The Somer Jam was a benefit concert with several acts: Hollywood Lovescene, Fit for Rivals, Something Distant, Shawn Fisher, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus & Molly Hatchet. At the end of Molly Hatchet's performance Abigail, Somer's big sister sang You Are My Sunshine at the beginning of the new Molly Hatchet song Fly On Wings of Angels. It was so very sweet! The song is absolutely beautiful! It was written in memory of Somer, it is very touching! I love it! I will post it in a minute, as I recorded them singing it live on my flip camera last night at the benefit concert. That way all of you can heqar it as well! You will love it! I also am going to post all the pages I received yesterday in the mail for the Somer memorial album for Diena! Thanks again to all you girls that have stepped up to make these albums possible! You all are incredible women! I love you all!!!