Friday, March 26, 2010

Jarred Harrell Charged with Murder of Somer!!!

It has just been announced that Jarred Harrell has been charged with the premeditated murder of Somer. This is good news in the fact that it will start to give Diena and her family some closure! God is good! This monster will pay! Justice is slow but it will come for Somer!

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  1. Thank God they have caught him!! But if we had stiffer punishment for these monsters when they 1st hurt or molest a child or anyone for that matter... Somer would still be here!! He had prior charges that were horrible...he just hadn't murdered YET! We need to get our laws changed and stop protecting these monsters and keep them locked up when they do this kind of thing the FIRST time!!! If SO MANY of these kind of monsters had been kept in jail there are THOUSANDS of children and adults too that would still be alive!!
    We had a beautiful college girl killed here in our county several years ago by a man that had killed before and had been let out of prison... only to do it AGAIN!!! More brutal and sickening than before!!! So sad and So frustrating!!
    My prayers are with Somers family that they may finally rest knowing the monster is caught!
    Thank you for posting the news!
    Hugs from Ky~