Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday's pages!

I had just posted yesterday's packages and not even 2 minutes after I posted them the mail lady knocked on my door! I have packages from the following ladies: Mayra Nieves, Cindy Roderique, Ligia Avila, Terri Berrios, Tereese Simms, Jackie Anderson, Lisa Wolfe, Lilly Marquez, Dana Michel (taz61954), Leslie Prinkki (scrapsofmine), Claudia D'Alessander (66msclaudia), Isabel Boaz and Rosanne Carrillo roxycar11. Thank you ladies!!! You are all angels! If it weren't for all you kind and generous ladies this project would not be Much of anything. Without you it would have just been a book made by me, while that would still be a nice gesture it is not anywhere near the powerful message that these books will be sending to Diena! Diena will see that there are women all over the world that stand in support of her and are devastated as well at the loss of her precious daughter Somer. Thanks ladies you guys are incredible and I wish I could hug each and every one of you!

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