Saturday, March 20, 2010

Somer Memorial Album for Diena

Hi if you are interested in making a page for the memorial album I would be extremely appreciative and happy to accept your contribution! The requirements are it must be a chipboard page 6x6 double sided layout! The color scheme for the album is purple which was Somer's favorite color. Please don't punch holes in the page but please leave the left margin when arranging your layout so that I may punch holes and bind the albums so that all the pages are compatible with one another. You may also make a tag of any size as long as it isn't bigger than the page. Please try to include a card as well for Diena and her family and when you sign your name write underneath your name where you live. That way Diena can see how she is being supported all over the nation and even world, as we have had contributions from other countries! As I receive pages I will post receipt of those pages here on my blog. I will also try my best to notify you individually as well, but may not be able too as there are a lot of volunteers. I also am asking if it is possible for you to donate ribbons, lace or jute rope for help in binding all these items. Remember the color is purple so any purple, white, black or cream lace or ribbon would be great! Purple fibers have already been donated by Creative Fiber Arts! Thank you Terry!!! Charms are also needed and anything that you can think of to help me in binding and making covers and back pages for in the ball park of 10ish albums! I don't have an exact # of the volunteers yet as I haven't had time to count but will post how many contributors there are and a more exact # of albums I expect to have to give to Diena! I want to say thank you to all the wonderful and caring women who have stepped up to contribute to making this happen! I am grateful to all of you! You are all deeply appreciated! I will post any updates as they come up. If you have any questions or need my mailing address please feel free to send me an email at any time! It is Thanks again and I will be posting the finished albums on you tube and here on my blog!

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